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Apart from the photographs connected by a special project or a travel, some themes often come back in my photos. This section aims to present some thematic galleries connecting photos which do not share a common place or project.

The chosen thematics are the little private acts that we have to do in public, the invisible people and the public transports.

Down and out

They are very often the target of policy to make them disappear. Not by changing their situation, though, but by pushing them elsewhere. They should not be too visible. Not that people pay too much attention to them. But they could be seen by accident and made us guilty. They are the homeless.

It is always difficult to photograph somebody while keeping his/her dignity. It is especially true for homeless people. I have tried to do this in this set of pictures, because I think that it is the situation and not the people themselves which is shameful.


I have always been interested in the sometimes tiny border between what is private and public. As a child I remember questioning myself about how a tiny wall or even better/worst a window can make such a difference.

Not only the definition of public and private space can be ambiguous, but also the definition of concept of privacy. This is a highly cultural issue (go to any sufficiently preserved ruins of toilets in a Roman bath and you would see that this was a public space) but also circumstancial. The urgency of a situation can make the border move and make you do in a public space something that you would consider else as being private.


I like to take pictures in public transports. There is something special about them. They are very often half-closed spaces defining a semi-private world. That may be because of the small number of people around, the shared common experiences, or the constraint of proximity, but these unknown people seems to be closer than they would be in an open space. There is a general flavour of awkwardness but with a warm twist.