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Photographic projects are a very good way to get concentrated for a period of time on a specific subject. All of these projects, whatever their final outcome, have opened new windows on my photographic world. I've decided to display here three of these projects: my collaboration with Gariné Torossian on her film "Stone, time, touch", the gallery of photos of Cambridge taken with my mobile phone, and a project on Industrial Armenia.

Stone, time, touch

In 2005, I met Gariné Torossian who had decided to use some of the photos I took during my Christmas 2004 trip to Armenia.

"Stone, time, touch", the film which resulted from this collaboration, had been presented at the Museum of Modern Art (New York), in the 2007 Berlin film festival, in Yerevan for the Golden Apricot festival and had been awarded the best documentary feature in the Warsaw film festival this year.

Here are some of the frames from the film using my photos:

Cambridge with my phone

When walking around in the city where I live, Cambridge, I often find myself in a situation where I notice something worth being pictured while not having my camera with me.

Obviously the quality of pictures produced with my phone is not the same as what a DSLR can do. But it has been a game to use the imperfection of the medium to try to produce interesting images.

Soviet factories in Armenia

While crossing Armenia during my first trip there, I was attracted by the massive remains of the former soviet empire. Huge industrial buildings were contrasting with that small country. But, at the same time, the hugeness of the architecture was incredibly well adapted to the majesty of the landscape. This gallery presents some of the pictures in an attempt to convey these impressions.